Hello, my name is Victoria Sokolinsky, I am the founder and owner of Total Knowledge Business Intelligence.

I have a BSc in industrial engineering and management from the Technion at Haifa, Israel.

In the last 9 years I have managed supply chains, operated procurement and productions operations, managed warehouses and inventory, and implemented, expended and operated different modules in different ERP systems.

During this time I developed customized tracking and reporting tools, automated notification systems, executed data analysis and produced reports for different departments, with different data, with different requirements, and for different needs, starting at workers and ending with managers.

Creating these tools for the people I worked with (or for) brought me great pleasure. Employees could report their progress faster, managers could generate reports quicker, everyone received notifications for tasks at hand and didn't have to remember what was to be done. The information became more accessible to everyone, more departments could analyze their data and generate periodic reports with great ease, and I was looking for more tools to develop to make the organization I worked for more agile.

During this period of time, I encountered the need for such tools at other places as well and realized what I wanted to do when I grow up.

I decided I want to help other companies to gather data easily through custom made tracking and reporting tool, to enjoy the power of automated notification systems reminding everyone of open tasks, unsigned documents, late orders, low inventory and so on...

I want more people to be able to generate their periodic reports with a push of a button using a custom made report without wasting a whole day (or even more) on gathering the information and on formatting it to fit a template.

I want more companies to utilize their information, analyze it, learn from it, and use it, instead of letting it accumulate on their server. I want more employees to understand the power of that information, the importance of its gathering, and the benefit each of them can have helping the company to gather it.

This is why I founded Total Knowledge BI in early 2014.

I am combining my knowledge as an industrial engineer with the knowledge I gathered over the years, adding my passion for programming to it, to create simple, useful, clear tools for everyone to use and enjoy.

Through this company I would like to provide all of these tools to other business

I want everyone to enjoy:

  • Custom made tracking and reporting tools
  • Automated notification systems
  • Custom made reports (pdf, excel, etc.)
  • Data mining and data analysis
  • Information accessibility and utilization

Total Knowledge BI headquarters are located at Haifa, Israel.

Here are our key members

If you are interested in services Total Knowledge - BI can provide or have any other questions, please send us your request.

We will make it happen!